Phone Package

100% sound quality and purity.


Communicate with relatives with maximum sound quality and clarity. Choose 100% fiber optic phone for more durability and reliability.

Customers connected to Digicom’s 100% fiber optic network can enjoy calls with high voice quality.

Details on phone packages

  • Packages can be activated as many times as you need during the month.
  • Charging is done every 60 seconds.
  • Activation can be done by calling customer care 045600110.
  • You can also activate in Digicom stores.
  • National calls are to any landline and mobile operator.
  • The new Digicom number costs 300 Lek.
  • The personalized Digicom number costs 2000 Lek.
  • You can get your landline number by porting it to Digicom.
  • International calls are to the destinations listed below.
Destinacionet ndërkombëtare

Do you want to activate your phone service or activate a package? Contact us at 045600110!