Logistics specialist


Develops and updates the vehicle distribution plan, according to each department and unit.
Prepares and administers Delivery Forms for each vehicle.
It is ensured that for each vehicle of the company, the form is with updated data and signed by the most recent user.
Draws up and administers the documentation for each vehicle, keeping records for specific problems as appropriate.
Draws up and follows the maintenance services plan for all the company’s vehicles, ensuring the normal continuity of work.
Follows all procedures and ensures that each vehicle is equipped with the appropriate documentation in case of checks (taxes, insurances, technical control, etc.).
Tracks and periodically reports the status of fines for each vehicle, preventing any potential vehicle impoundment for unpaid fines.
Coordinates with the logistics specialist who tracks the GPS and checks the trip sheets, for any notes that may have been reported on the trip sheets by the vehicle users.
It is ensured that no vehicle has a shortage of spare tires, jack, turn signal, first aid kit, etc.
Maintains and tracks the service book for each vehicle.
Performs and reports maintenance cost analysis for each vehicle.
Prepares reports in cases of damage by the vehicle user himself and reports them to Finance and to the user’s direct manager.
In cooperation with the Procurement Manager drafts Purchase Orders for any spare parts or service that is needed, commenting on the specifics in each case.
Maintains and administers financial documentation related to the duties it covers.
Tirane, no experience, part-time, hybrid
Education: Graduated from university
Foreign languages: English
Be communicative
Be able to work in a group and under load