Experience a new reality with the speed of
2.5 Gbps and Wi-Fi 6 technology

For the first time in Albania, Digicom brings the newest internet service with a speed of 2.5 Gigabits. Our network infrastructure ensures the highest and most reliable internet speed, offering you the reliability and stability you deserve. Whether you are a fan of online gaming, working from home or in the office, or need to connect multiple devices or users, our 2.5 Gigabit internet package is the ideal choice for an exceptional experience.

From Television to Many Visions

I activate the new functionality
"Parental Control" at Digicom UP

Managing your child's screen time has never been easier. Digicom Up comes with the latest Parental Control functionality. With this feature, you can manage your children's internet usage time by setting time limits according to your preferences. With Parental Control, you can set daily limits and create unique schedules. Download Digicom Up now on the Play Store and App Store and activate Parental Control by clicking here.

Why should you get internet with
100% fiber optic from Digicom?

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The network of the future

Our network with 100% fiber optics can meet the speed requirements today and any speed needs that will be demanded by future technologies.

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Faster than fast

Fast for us means:

  • Super Fast Internet
  • Super Upload
  • With 100% OPTICAL FIBER
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Our Values

  • We build the standards of the future today.
  • We bring innovation to always be the first.
  • We care passionately about you.
  • We are transparent.
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Enjoy 100% whatever you want

  • No more delays with Lundro.
  • Play online as if you're inside the game.
  • Finally watch your favorite movies in 4K quality.
  • All of these, now with the possibility to do them at the same time.
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Who are we

DIGICOM is one of the most innovative communication companies in Albania. We have invested in a sustainable network using only fiber optic technology.