Kontrolli Prindëror

Managing your child’s screen time has never been easier.
Digicom Up comes with the latest Parental Control functionality .

Through this functionality you can manage your children’s online time, setting time limits, internet access according to preference.

Download Digicom Up now on Play Store and App Store and enable Parental Control by clicking here .

Set daily limits and create unique schedules

Reduce the risk of children being exposed to inappropriate content

By limiting your internet surfing, you will reduce your exposure to inappropriate content when you are away from home.

Set daily limits and create unique schedules.

Parental Control allows you to easily set the times during which you do not want your children to have access to the Internet.

Immediately stop or resume Internet access from your device.

Set restrictions, stop or enable internet browsing with just one click from the Digicom UP app.

How to enable Parental Control?

  1. Download the Digicom Up app.
  2. Select Parental Control from the main menu.
  3. Add a new control.
  4. Name the control and select the device.
  5. Select the days on which the restriction will be repeated.
  6. Select the time limit.
  7. Click Create.


In this way you can create other internet browsing restrictions according to your preference.