Parental Control

Managing your child's screen time has never been more convenient. Introducing Digicom Up, equipped with cutting-edgeParental Control functionality. With this feature, you can effortlessly oversee your children's online activities, establish time constraints, and tailor internet access to your preferences Download Digicom Up now on the Play Store and App Store and activate Parental Control by clicking

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Set Daily Limits

and Create Custom Schedules

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Reduce the risk of children's exposure to inappropriate content

By limiting internet browsing, you will reduce exposure to inappropriate content while you are not at home.

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Set daily limits and create unique schedules.

Parental Control allows you to easily set the hours during which you do not want your children to have access to the internet.

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Stop or immediately restart internet access from your device.

Set restrictions, stop or activate internet browsing with just one click from the Digicom UP application.

How to activate

Parental control?

  • Download the Digicom Up application.
  • Select Parental Control from the main menu.
  • Add a new control.
  • Name the control and choose the device.
  • Select the days on which the restriction will repeat.
  • Choose the time of the restriction.
  • Click Create.

In this way, you can create other internet browsing restrictions according to your preference.