Experience a new reality with speed
2.5 Gbps and Wi-Fi 6 technology

Digicom in cooperation with Nokia has successfully completed the implementation of XGSPON technology for the first time in Albania and the Region. This technology together with the last generation Wifi 6 bring a new reality of Internet quality for Albanian families and businesses, much faster, safer, and stable for more services and devices simultaneously. By sharing a common European vision, through this investment we make it possible to build the Gigabit Digital Society now also in Albania. Our vision goes beyond our customers for a superior internet quality for everyone, with the most contemporary European standards.

Our network infrastructure ensures the highest and most stable internet speed, giving you the reliability and stability you deserve. If you are a fan of online games, work from home or in the office, want to connect many devices or users, our 2.5 Gbps internet package is the ideal choice for an exceptional experience.

With the 2.5 Gbps connection you can:

  • Experience a better internet experience for multiple users and connected devices on the same network,
  • Stream your favorite content - UHD videos, movies, and TV shows - virtually without buffering or delays,
  • Video chat with friends and family without weak audio/video or connection drops,
  • Download or upload what you need - files, photos, and videos - at incredible speeds,
  • Play your favorite games in the cloud without delays.

Advantages of Wi-Fi 6 technology

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Higher speeds

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4K resolution

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More connected devices and wider coverage

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Higher security

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Play without LAG

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Increases battery life

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, is the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology designed to deliver higher speeds, greater network capacity and increased device battery life.

Here are some key features and benefits of Wi-Fi 6:

Higher speeds: Wi-Fi 6 can offer higher wireless speeds compared to previous Wi-Fi standards. It uses advanced techniques such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) and MIMO to enable more efficient data transmission and support multiple devices at the same time.

Improving energy efficiency: Wi-Fi 6 includes features such as Target Wake Time (TWT) and mechanisms to optimize and save power, which help preserve battery life in devices such as , IoT devices and laptops. This is especially useful when devices have limited power sources.

Higher network capacity: Wi-Fi 6 introduces a feature called Target Wake Time (TWT), which allows devices to schedule their communication with the access point, improving overall network capacity. This is particularly useful in high-density environments with multiple connected devices.

The latest safety standards Wi-Fi 6 features an updated security protocol, WPA3, which offers greater protection against cyber attacks. Help keep your sensitive data safe and protect yourself from online threats and attacks.

Nokia XGSPON device

Wi-Fi 6 is provided via the XGSPON (10 Gigabit symmetrical passive optical network) device which is offered in collaboration with the international brand Nokia (Nokia XS-2626G-B).

This device enables a fast and reliable wireless connection of the 6 GHz WiFi frequency band.

  • Supports the 802.11ac standard for seamless connections.
  • Maximum Wi-Fi data transfer speed of up to 450 Mbps.
  • Multiple external antennas for enhanced signal strength and extended coverage.
  • Offers advanced security features such as WPA 3 encryption.
  • Includes Ethernet ports for wired connections.
  • Supports Quality of Service (QoS) for prioritizing specific applications or devices.
  • Ideal for residential and business use, providing reliable Wi-Fi.
Nokia Device