Experience a new reality with 2.5 Giga speed and Wi-Fi 6 technology

For the first time in Albania, Digicom brings the newest internet service with a speed of 2.5 Giga. Our network infrastructure ensures the highest and most stable internet speed, giving you the reliability and stability you deserve. If you are a fan of online games, work from home or in the office, want to connect many devices or users, our 2.5 Gigabit internet package is the ideal choice for an exceptional experience.

Activate the new "Parental Control" functionality in Digicom UP

Managing your child’s screen time has never been easier.
Digicom Up comes with the latest Parental Control functionality.
Through this functionality you can manage your children’s online time, setting time limits of internet access according to preference.
With Parental Control you can set daily limits and create unique schedules.
Download Digicom Up now on Play Store and App Store and enable Parental Control by clicking here .


The network of the future

Our 100% Fiber Optic network can meet the speed requirements of today and any speed needs that will be required by the technologies of the future.


Faster than fast

Fast for us means:

  • Super Fast Internet.
  • Super Upload.
  • With 100% OPTICAL FIBER!

Our Values

  • We build the standards of the future today.
  • We bring innovation to always be the first.
  • We take care of you with passion.
  • We are transparent.

Enjoy 100% what you want

  • Sail without any delay.
  • Play online as if you were inside the game.
  • Finally watch your favorite movies in 4K quality.
  • All this, now with the possibility to do them at the same time.

DIGI-Fi packages

For those of you looking for 100% stable fiber optic service, we present Digicom’s Fiber packages.

TV packages

Many programming packages that you can combine with the Internet as you wish. Diverse content for everyone.

Phone packages

Choose 100% fiber optic phone for more durability and reliability. Say goodbye to expensive services.

Who are we?

DIGICOM is one of the most innovative communication companies in Albania. We have invested in a sustainable network using only fiber optic network technology.

Not many companies have the chance to change people’s lives through innovation.

We do it!

Because we deliver what we promise!


The offer is valid for the first 3 full months for DIGI-FI packages. Discounts are applied to monthly payments starting from the second month and last for the next three months, including the fourth month of the subscription. The first month is billed at normal charge based on the days of service usage starting from the date of installation. Installation fee, registration fee, modem, IPTV decoder as well as additional products such as telephone and static IP are not part of the offer.


  1. The online contract process is straightforward and intuitive. Verify the coverage area if you are within the area that Digicom provides service. Choose whether you are a family/individual or a micro-business. The offers are the same for both categories. Then choose the package you want: DIGI-FI 30, DIGI-FI 100, DIGI-FI 300 or DIGI-FI GIGABIT. Choose the duration of the contract, 12 or 24 months. Choose the payment method: monthly installments, 6 or 12 months in advance. Add other products according to your requirements: IPTV, Telephone or Static IP.
  2. Continue with the process of entering personal data. After choosing the product, you are asked to fill in the personal data according to the initial choice you made for family contract or microbusiness (for natural and legal persons). It is good to have a photo of the ID card, mobile phone, and NIPT number for micro-businesses ready in advance because these are data that are required during the application process. Microbusinesses must specify their name as registered in the KKB as well as the name of the authorized person/administrator as well as the mobile phone owned by the authorized person/administrator at the time of application.
  3. The application process allows signing by hand or with a special pencil for those who apply through touchscreen devices. For those who apply from non-touchscreen devices, it is possible to enter only the initials of the name. The clear button gives you the option to delete and redo the signature if you wish.
  4. You will then be asked to confirm your details through a 4-digit PIN code that will be sent to your personal mobile number.
  5. At the end of the data entry process, you will be sent an email with the electronic contract in PDF format. Attention, if you do not receive an email within a few minutes of applying call our customer care number 045 600 110 to verify the correct email address and your data will be updated in case of possible errors during the application.
  6. Our customer care staff will call you to confirm the installation time and a link will be sent to you regarding the method and terms of payment for the requested services.

Important note: Mandatory elements of your identification and approval of this contract are your personal data entered in the application, acceptance of the general terms of the contract by checking the relevant box, the mobile number stated during the application and verified by sending the 4-digit code by SMS , your email address, your ID card, the prepayment made and the service takeover form upon completion of installation and activation of the service.