DIGICOM has been awarded the fastest internet for 2024 by the international company SpeedChecker.

DIGICOM, a leader in the telecommunications industry, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded: “The Fastest Internet for 2024” by the international company SpeedChecker. This prestigious award highlights DIGICOM’s commitment to providing high-speed Internet services and exceptional user experience.

SpeedChecker is an international company specializing in network performance testing and benchmarking. By analyzing data from millions of tests around the world, SpeedChecker provides insight into the performance of Internet service providers, helping users make the right decisions in carrier selection and encouraging ISPs to improve their services.

The certification is based on an extensive analysis of Benchmark data, which reflects the performance of Internet service providers. SpeedChecker’s rigorous evaluation process considers a variety of parameters, including download and upload speeds, latency, and overall quality of the online experience. The speed measurement is realized by transferring several data in parallel via the TCP protocol within a predetermined time. This data is generated randomly, simulating a highly variable traffic.

DIGICOM’s continued excellence in these indicators has distinguished it as the leading provider in the industry.

This achievement of DIGICOM is a testament to strategic investments in advanced technology and infrastructure. During the past year, the company has significantly improved its capacities by offering internet speed up to 2.5 Gbps through investments in XGSPON technology implemented for the first time in Albania and the Region.


The evaluation by SpeedChecker once again confirms the DIGICOM company as a reliable and innovative service provider with advanced solutions and unmatched performance.