More options,
personalized services


Dedicated internet

  • Service exclusively for you, not shared with other users.
  • Super fast and guaranteed.
  • Stability and symmetrical capacity.
  • Flexible for any business requirements that join us.

Date line

  • At Ethernet level.
  • Applicable to companies with two or more business points.
  • Secure communication.
  • Suitable for internet and extranet networks.
  • Guaranteed by high SLA and low prices.

IT consultancy

  • Qualified technicians.
  • On-site visits defined.
  • Survey - preliminary study/assessment for installation.
  • Coverage of the entire environment with internet service and not only.
  • Internal installations (customer's internal network).


  • Dedicated high-performance physical server capacity, 2.6 Ghz CPU, DDR4 RAM, SAS or SATA hard disk according to customer's request.
  • Panel dedicated to customers.
  • Dedicated server internet service.
  • 24/7 dedicated support.
  • Monthly/weekly/daily backup according to customer request.


  • Save on server room investment.
  • Place devices in Tier III datacenter.
  • No more than 1.6 hours of leave per year. 99.982% uptime (Tier 3 uptime).
  • N+1 fault tolerant, secures data for at least 72 hours.
  • Space dedicated to cooling and power sources.


  • Quality of VoIP technology.
  • Customized packages.
  • Telephone exchange.
  • Ideal for internal telephony.
  • Provided through a dedicated virtual server to leverage the best of VoIP technology.
  • Security is ensured through two firewalls.
  • Possibility of volume increase according to demand and pace.